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iMax Manager

Main module to perform most of the management task such as drawing images import, creating models, bend table entries and drawing searching. It possesses some built-in tools to facilitate users to insert hand-sketched drawings, photo processing and resizing and many more.
Multiple drawing images for a single drawing number

Insert unlimited drawing images, photos, sketched images and saved them under a single drawing number. You may want to include top view, right view, front view of a component part into a single drawing, now this can be done easily in iMax.
Share similar part across multiple models

Insert linkages of a common part drawing into a few models. Changes of this common part will be reflected in relevant models.
Organize your drawing items

Every drawing number may consists of a series of photo images. You can now arrange the images in sequence and give every image a name. Insert new drawing image at any location and perform editing of the photo images.
Drawing Revision

Supports drawing revision. You can save your drawings to new revision to ensure production operators always view the latest drawings.
Sketch your drawing

Insert additional comments, lines and shapes into existing drawings /photos to highlight important parts and put in comments. This help to alert the operators and reduce human mistakes. You can even start your sketch with a blank sheet and save it as one of the image photo in the drawing gallery.
User-friendly Model Tree View

Group your drawings according to models. Associate each models to individual customers. This make your drawings management simple and easy. Supports similar drawing number across different customers.
Photo Processing

Some basic photo processing functions such as brightness and contrast, various special effect filters, image sharpening, resizing and a lot more to make your photo editing a joyful task.
Production Reports

Produce monthly production reports from daily output entry at each iMax Viewer station. The system has provided a simple reporting tool for production output report based on quantity produced everyday
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