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An affordable electronic drawings management system that enables you to share and manage your drawings securely and keep track of the accessibility of drawings. The basic system consists of 3 modules, namely, OA Works Explorer, OA Works Business Info and OA Works Administrator.

There are a number of useful features built-in. We would like to highlight a few outstanding features as below :
How OA Works system helps you
So affordable with high ROI
Enhanced communication among each individual with our built-in memo sending system.
Get yourself connected via e-mail when you are oversea. You can even approve documents via e-mail.
Secure your documents with a variety of document accessibility control features.
Help you organize your drawings and perform revision control. Avoid using drawings of old revision for production.
Quickly find out your drawings/documents from its powerful search engines.
OA Works system falls beyond traditional concept of electronic document management (EDM) system. More and more modules are added to support business process management. This shall include OA Works BPM, a new system to supercede old ERP software system that combines EDM, work flow and resource planning  as well as business operation into a single platform.
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